Privacy and the Medical Transcriber

07 Mar 2020

Medical transcribers deal with sensitive health information and they have specific obligations that are often protected by the law. Like others who deal with medical information, medical transcribers are required

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Patient Centred Care

06 Feb 2020

Delivering excellent patient service sits right at the heart of any organisation that provides products or services to patients or consumers.   At the heart of a successful medical practice or

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What Does A Medical Receptionist Do?

10 Jan 2020

A good receptionist is key in any organisation and this is certainly true for a medical receptionist. Landing a job as a medical receptionist is a great way of getting

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Get involved: Australian Red Cross Membership

06 Aug 2019

Wesley Institute are proud partners and members of the Australian Red Cross. Consider getting involved.   There are lots of ways you can become involved with Australian Red Cross.  One

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