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OVERVIEW – Certificate III Business (Medical Administration) BSB30120  

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Gain the knowledge and skills to become a  Medical Receptionist or Medical Administrator  by completing the Nationally Recognised Qualification in Business (Medical Administration).  You will be employed in a variety of professional environments where your skills and contribution will be highly valued.

Wesley’s bespoke BSB30120 Certificate III in Business (Medical Administration) is a solid overall entry-level Qualification upskilling students in a variety of Business and Administration subjects, including specialised Medical Administration Units with a view to a role as a Medical Receptionist, Administrator, Ward Clerk or Medical Typist.

This course allows candidates to work in a medical practice, allied health service or a hospital as a medical receptionist or administrator. This course is ideal for jobseekers or those wanting a change in career into health administration.

You will learn key medical skills,  working with medical software, patient records, learning about patient confidentiality,  medical terminology, WHS.   Further to this, you will learn to work in medical teams, communicate effectively with patients and colleagues, produce medical documents and accounts, empower your critical and creative thinking and learn a range of  key computing skills using current software.

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  • Increase your knowledge and skills of medical practice including medical records, medical accounts, WHS.  Understand codes of conduct and how to protect the privacy of patients and the legislation around confidentiality.
  • Learn a wide range of business skill sets to support your success in a range of business services jobs
  • Develop effective patient communication skills, how to use critical thinking as part of an effective medical team, learn about inclusivity, diversity and understanding cultures.
  • Improve and build upon key Computing Skills, including Specialised Medical Software, Microsoft Word, formatting and design skills for the medical office.
  • Unravel the exciting world of medical terminology, learning to break down medical words into every day language. Be empowered by understanding the various systems of the body.
  • Build critical keyboarding skills and medical letter production skills for increased employability in medical practice while learning how to format and produce a medical letter and other practice documents’
  • Participate in personal and professional development by exploring medical careers, organisational and time management skills.
  • Achieve your career goals – Wesley coach you in where the medical jobs are, and how to get them.  Explore your unique set of qualities and understand how to put yourself forward with the skills and confidence to gain various employment opportunities

NEW ELECTIVE – Medical Transcription

  • Learn to become a Medical Transcriptionist with access to real world Transcription Portals, unique Learner Materials and skills development in keyboarding, audio typing and extended medical terminology.  The Extended Elective program will require a minimum of 40 wpm typing and students can study for 6 months.  All materials included.

Course Information and Frequently Asked Questions


In this Nationally Recognised course you will complete 5 modules that consist of 13 units of competency (six core and seven elective units).

An extra elective of Medical Transcription is also available at the completion of the program *conditions of entry apply.


Wesley’s Flagship Core Module, (also included in the Wesley Short Job Ready Course),  represents 4 key Units of Competency required of any medical receptionist or administrator.  Training in medical software is included in this program.

Module 1 offers a comprehensive Australian Healthcare System education covering Medicare, Private Health Insurance, and Medical Accounts. Study medical records, privacy, confidentiality, codes of conduct, and critical legislation.  Journey through anatomy and body systems studies while learning to deconstruct complex words into prefixes, root words and suffixes.  Wesley’s medical terminology unit remains the most popular of all units offered by Wesley!

  • Medical Reception Module
BSBMED302Prepare and process medical accounts
BSBMED303Maintain patient records
BSBMED305Apply the principles of confidentiality, privacy and security within the medical environment
  • Practical Medical Terminology
BSBMED301Interpret and apply medical terminology appropriately
  • Resources included:
    • Medical Software and Computing studies (Certificate of Completion) - 12 months access, guidebooks and resources yours to keep
    • F2F Workshop Intensives available on Saturdays, or LIVE Zoom tutorials

Delivery: Face-to-face is back in 2024.  You are invited to join a F2F one-day Intensive for this module in Qld, NSW, SA, and WA, at no extra charge. Meet industry leaders and fast-track your first module outcomes. Workplace simulated forms, case histories and software are utilised in this program.

Good communication in medical teams helps keep patients safe and makes sure everyone on the team knows what they need to do. It also helps team members work well together, share ideas, and make decisions, which leads to better care for patients.  Understanding diversity in patient care ensures that healthcare providers respect and meet the unique needs of each patient.

BSBTWK301Use inclusive work practices
Engage in workplace communication


Learn skills in critical thinking, studying patient case histories alongside industry-endorsed triage standards, and POPGUN charts, to prioritise patient care.  Medical triage ensures that patients are quickly assessed and directed to appropriate levels of care, optimizing the use of resources and minimizing wait times.  To complete your clinical studies, learn about infection prevention and control procedures, including implementing standard and transmission-based precautions and responding to infection risks in your workplace.

BSBCRT311Apply critical thinking skills in a team environment | Medical Triage Workshop
BSBWHS332XApply infection prevention and control procedures to own work activities 

 Included in this module, is Wesley’s ‘Medical Triage for Non-Clinical Staff’ program, recommended by the RACGP.  All students receive a Certificate of Completion as well as their UoC.  A F2F Intensive or Zoom workshop is included in this program. 


Cultivating practice safety, sustainability, and wellness is vital for creating a conducive environment where staff and patients feel secure, reducing workplace accidents and promoting overall well-being. Additionally, it contributes to the long-term viability of the practice by minimising environmental impact, fostering a culture of responsibility, and enhancing the healthcare unit’s reputation within the community.

BSBPEF201Support personal wellbeing in the workplace BUNDLED with
BSBWHS311Assist with maintaining workplace safety
BSBSUS211Participate in sustainable work practices


This module offers the student comprehensive training in Microsoft Word Essentials, Keyboarding skills improvement, and studies in formatting, writing and designing medical documents.  Students will review basic computing essentials as well as a Canva workshop, and participate in have-a-go Medical Letter production. 


Design and produce business documents


Write simple documents
 Includes studies in:  Microsoft Word, Canva, Medical Letter Production, Basic Computing Essentials, Keyboarding


The module is completed by attending Wesley's F2F final workshop 'Bringing it all Together' - an inspiring workshop bringing all the study elements together for group collaboration, running a medical meeting, and sharing some inspiration!   (Workshop delivered via F2F or  Zoom - attendance mandatory).

INCLUDES :  Microsoft Word Certification, Wesley Keyboarding Skills Development:  "Writing, designing and producing business documents for the Australian Medical Office"

Audio Transcription Elective for the Medical Secretary or Medical Typist (Transcription).  This unit is NOT required to complete the Qualification.  This module is an EXTRA elective for candidates wanting to pursue a career in medical typing, specialist secretarial or audio-transcription work. 

This module offers the student practical skills development in medical typing.  The student will also work on enhancing their typing speed to a minimum of 50 wpm (or more). Work placement is included in this program.

PRE-REQUISITES : Students will need to achieve 50 wpm for Wesley Certificate of Completion in Medical Transcription and be able to touch type sufficiently to 35 wpm to participate in this program.   

BSBTEC201Use business software applications
HLTCCD003Use medical terminology in healthcare
BSBPEF402Develop personal work priorities


Students are given up to 12 months to complete this course but through self-paced options, students can complete it much sooner.  Many students complete our program in 6-8 months and are able to start applying for jobs after the completion of Block 1.

Extensions are available for a nominal fee.

Career Opportunities

Upon successful completion of this qualification, you can work in the following job roles:

      • -  Medical receptionist at any type of medical clinic
      • -  Allied Health front desk receptionist
      • -  Ward clerk
      • -  Hospital clerical positions
      • -  Patient liaison officer
      • -  Customer Service officer (health or general)
      • -  Medical Secretary (with typing speed of 50 wpm+)

As specialists in Medical Recruitment for over 25 years (Wesley Med-Staff), we draw from our vast experience in Health Recruitment and offer students comprehensive coaching - which underpins all of our student success.   Wesley have trained thousands of students over 20 years who are happily employed in practices, allied health and hospitals throughout Australia.  It is also a myth only 'experienced' candidates can get jobs.  Everyone started off as newbies, once!

Students can start our program anytime.  Enrolments will be completed usually the same day or up to 48 hours.  If you are in a hurry to begin - let our team know!

Wesley use a unique Combined Learning approach to our Training Programs.  Study online, self-paced but also enjoy live iTutorials (but only if you want to).

Wesley combine an easy to use Online Learning Management System (LMS) for self paced online learning with the added option of student participation in Online Live iTutorials (and only if you want to).  Wesley also offer online tutorials which can be viewed anytime, anywhere.

Students are able to study online at their own pace.   This means you can study anywhere, anytime at your own convenience with 24/7 access to your learner material, resources and activities.

To enhance student study, Wesley also provide an excellent Online Tutorial, for each subject to highlight key learning points.  students find this a fabulous resource in addition to learner material.  Our online tutorials often include interesting videos, Youtubes, discussion points and extra research material designed to bring learning material alive and captivate the student's interest.

Medical TutorialsVirtual Classroom - Live iTutorials (but only if you want to)

The Live iTutorials are led by Industry Leaders and Mentors, much in the same way as a face-to-face workshop but in the comfort of your own space.

Logging in to the Live Webinars is very easy, all you need is a computer, internet and speakers (also Webcam if you want to video in yourself).   The virtual classrooms are a great way to get the industry and personal coaching that brings training alive, to ask questions of your study material and to also meet fellow students.

iTutorials are highly recommended but not compulsory, as we also offer online tutorials as part of your LMS.  A monthly timetable of iTutorials is available each month for students.


  1. The cost of Wesley's Certificate III in Business (Medical Administration) is $2200
  2. Payment Plans and Study Loans are available.  Deposit $250, weekly payments of $45   Apply HERE
  3. A $400 discount may be available for fees in full in advance of study start for candidates who do not qualify for funding or are in financial hardship. This subsidy does not apply for Job Network Agencies and invoiced third parties.  Enquire HERE
  4. Funding may be eligible - different funding oppportunities exist in each state.

The Wesley program is Centrelink Approved. 


Funding opportunities depend on the state you live in.  Take the Eligibility Quiz and our consultants will let you know what funding offers may be available for you.

If you reside in Queensland, to find out what funding you may be eligible for, take the Queensland Funding Eligibility Quiz here.

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A year 10 standard of literacy and numeracy is required, basic keyboard skills as well as a computer and internet.    If you do not have basic keyboard skills, let us know, and we can get you started on a keyboarding and basic computing course to get your skills up to speed!

Credit Transfers are available for students who have studied UOC's previously and RPL kits are available.

Medical patientThis course is suitable for anyone interested in a career working in health, with a core motivation to help others and belong to dynamic medical teams. 

The Certificate III in Business (Medical Administration) is a solid entry level Qualification for students interesting in becoming Medical Receptionists or Medical Typists.

The healthcare industry is now recognised as the largest and fastest growing industry in Australia and therefore provides many wonderful career opportunities as well as security.  Even in times of economic stress (or a pandemic);  the Health sector is extremely stable and always growing.

This course is suitable for young people through to mature aged candidates.

The course is great if you:

    • Are returning to the workforce after a gap.   Wesley have a range of other options to upskill you in general computer skills if you need!
    • Wanting to upskill or change careers into the Health Professions.   This course is particularly suitable if you have previous administration experience.
    • For those who have a natural interest in the health field or helping people - who would like to pursue these interests into a career.
    • For those working in industry who want to either improve their skills or recognise them.

Students will require a desktop computer or laptop to complete our online program.  Macs work ok, and you can also access study material via ipads and devices, although to complete yoru work, we recommend a keyboard device.

You will also need access to the internet.  Wesley recommend using CHROME browser and students will require access to Microsoft Word.

Students are marked as competent or not yet competent.  As such, there are no nasty pass or fail exams as part of our program.

Students will have the opportunity to resubmit any questions that require a little more work to obtain competency.

Assessments are undertake via :

  • Case history reviews
  • Observation and discussions
  • Question banks
  • True or False questions
  • Quiz type questions

Our mentors are always available to assist and all answers are found in your learner material.   We always encourage students to see their assessments as opportunities for further learning and consolidation!

Wesley Training Certificate III Business (Medical Administration) Qualification BSB30120 

Unique Training Delivery :   Online self-paced combined with LIVE iTutorials.  Course access 24/7


The Wesley Certificate III Business (Medical Administration) Qualification offers a unique user-friendly structure and flexible delivery supporting busy people who cannot always study full time.

Our programme is an excellent mixture of Online Self Paced study and LIVE iTutorials (but only if you want to).    

The Wesley programme is information rich and every unit is specialised towards the health industry where knowledge is gained and crucial practical skills are learnt.  Wesley utilise real medical forms, procedures, case histories and projects to bring our courseware to life.   There are no generic course materials in the Wesley course.

Each candidate is supplied with a tailor-made Training Plan and Mentor support, to aid easy completion of the programme in steps – aimed to build on knowledge and skills in a meaningful way. Our candidates are supported by our mentor team during their learning journey towards a successful outcome.


Become a Valued Wesley Member


By enrolling into a Wesley program, you become a valued member of the Wesley community with our strong cohort of students, mentors and industry leaders.

Wesley were founders of the medical administration skill set in Australia and have trained tens of thousands of students since 1999 towards being meaningfully employed in industry.  Wesley’s Certification is very highly regarded and recognised by Industry Australia wide.






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our Testimonials

“The assistance from Trainers and the course content was of a very high standard. The course has more than met my expectations and I feel I am armed with an abundance of knowledge and good work practices to help me gain employment in the Industry. The course itself has been extremely enjoyable and interesting on so many levels. I will be disappointed when the course concludes in 2 weeks.

I cannot fault the training in any way, and would not be able to suggest any areas that require improvement. It is well run, professional, friendly and extremely informative. I really look forward to my Saturday workshops and I am already recommending Wesley Health Medical Courses to friends and family”.     Alison went on to gain employment 2 weeks after finishing the Wesley course.

- Alison

I have employed staff from the Wesley Institute of Training previously and have found their comprehension over and above staff doing other courses.  I again needed to add to our reception pool and within hours of a phone enquiry I was sent outstanding resumes from applicants that had excelled in the Wesley course.  What I have found is the applicant is motivated and willing to learn.  The material Wesley teach has a real basis and exactly what we need in general practice.

I can recommend the course for anyone wanting to get a leg up on other applicants applying for positions.  We look for new staff who have completed the Wesley training.  Well done Wesley and thank you for the excellent staff you have sent.

Sue Rendle PM, Manly Clinic

- Practice Manager Sue

I started this course in February and completed it in March. I loved the fact that I could still work my part time retail job while studying.  I believe this course is what gave me the complete package to be able to obtain my employment.    I really appreciate all the knowledge and memories I have gained from this course and could not recommend it highly enough.   Thankyou Wesley Institute of Training for helping me achieve my goals.

- Grace

The course was fantastic with a great mixture of theory, group discussions and practical delivery. The trainers were amazing- especially Neala who made it super fun with her relevant life stories and was always there to help when someone needed it. Her knowledge and passion for the health sector did not go unnoticed.

The information Wesley’s has produced for this course was presented so well and made for easy and stress free learning. I actually still read through my booklets to this day. I was extremely fortunate that I was able to gain employment as a medical receptionist a day before I completed the course.

- Tiffany

The Wesley course ran over 5 days, so it was short-  however PACKED with information. I found the course very enjoyable and easy to learn; the trainer was lovely, and related the course material to real life situations.  The humour and engagement made for an easier and relaxed learning environment.  The Wesley course definitely helped me in securing my position as a Medical Receptionist; I found that at each interview I went to they would mention the course favourably.

- Belinda

I want to say a huge thank you for the course and knowledge I came away with  .. I have secured a fantastic job after my first application

Such good value for money too.  I would highly recommend this course – I’m a mature age person so it’s never too late to up-skill yourself up to get what you deserve!

- Ann Scott

I have just completed my 6 month probation period at Ashford Hospital and loving it. It was my first medical job I applied for literally 1-2 weeks after I finished the course.  Thanks to you, Mimi, and all the other teachers and staff at Wesley Health Management.

- Kelly

The training I received was the best training experience by far.   I got a job 2 months after completing this course as a receptionist at a Neuro-Physiotherapy practice. I have been with the practice little over a year and I am now the practice administrator.   I love my job, I love the people I work with and I love going to work every day!

- Alex