Develop Keyboarding Skills

Develop Keyboarding Skills and Accuracy – Accredited Unit BSBITU307

In our experience, having great keyboard skills underpins efficiency, ability to get the job done, time management, delivery of professional and timely communications – and so much more!    This Unit is easy to overlook, yet it is the cornerstone of great overall skills!   This study programme comes highly recommended by our Mentoring team for all students to complete.    Just 5 minutes a day over time can make an amazing difference to a candidate’s skill base.


One of the biggest skills areas we see across our HR desk, that need improvement – is keyboarding skills and speed.    In our books, it is not an effective strategy to think ‘it doesn’t matter’ too much if you are a slow typist or keyboarder, and worse – that typing with two or three fingers is ok!     It matters.  Skill up today for success!

To provide an effective solution – Wesley offer a brilliant online training program for busy people which will achieve three things:

  • It will teach users to touch type if they can’t – in just 10 short lessons – then you can fly!  (Believe us, it is worth the effort…)
  • For those who can touch type – our program will increase your speed, accuracy and efficiency in a time effective, fun programme
  • For Certificate III’ers and those needing formal certification – we offer keyboard speed tests to Australian Standards.
  • Wesley Certificate III students have these resources included in their study programme.
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Competencies and Accreditation – Double Certificate

Our programme is a fully Accredited Unit of Competency as part of Certificate III Business Administration (Medical) BSB31115 and can be used as a Credit Transfer for any Cert III Business Qualification

  • BSBITU307 – Develop keyboarding speed and accuracy.


Students receive a Quality  Statement of Attainment and Typing Certification to Australian Standards.



(If a student does not wish to complete the Unit of Competency –  students can purchase the Unaccredited Online Wesley ‘Professional Keyboard’ programme for 12 months access for $55.00 including 1 free typing test to Australian Standards with Certification to build skills, accuracy and speed).


This Unit is delivered Online and has two components :

  •   12 months access to Wesley ‘Professional Keyboard’ Programme
  •   Access to Wesley’s Online Learning Portal for Assessment Projects completion

Our typing programme is not theory based – it is ‘do’ based!    Just as it should be…

Enjoy this fantastic unit and skill up for success.

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