Touch Typing and Professional Keyboarding Skills Course

In our experience, having great keyboard skills underpins efficiency, ability to get the job done, time management, delivery of professional and timely communications – and so much more! Our touch typing course will set you on a path to achieve this.

One of the biggest skills areas we see across our HR desk, that need improvement – is keyboarding skills and speed.

In our books, it is not an effective strategy to think ‘it doesn’t matter’ too much if you are a slow typist or keyboarder, and worse – that typing with two or three fingers is ok!     It matters.  Skill up today for success!

For those students who do not wish to complete the full Accredited Keyboarding Unit (BSBITU307) –  Wesley are making available our Online ‘Keyboard Professional’ keyboarding  programme (unaccredited).


Wesley offer a brilliant online touch typing course for busy people which will achieve three things:

  • It will teach users to touch type if they can’t – in just 10 short lessons – then you can fly!  (Believe us, it is worth the effort…)
  • For those who can touch type – our program will increase your speed, accuracy and efficiency in a time effective, fun programme
  • Wesley provide official Certification – we offer keyboard speed tests to Australian Standards AS2708-2001, the only recognised Standard in Australia



Why learn touch typing?

Did you know.. currently more than 90% of business documents are electronic yet approximately 70% of computer based employees can’t touch type!

Whilst workers may have keyboarding skills with a few fingers, if they learnt to quickly and accurately type with all ten fingers, they could gain an hour per day.      Your efficiency will increase enormously with just 5-10 minutes practice a day.


The Benefits gained from our Touch Typing Course

  • Our programme is self-paced meaning students can complete the course around family/work commitments.
  • Students can ‘retake’ lessons until they are confident in their developing skills.
  • Our programme consists of 10 lessons (touch typing) – with additional courses included to develop speed, accuracy, punctuation and keyboard skills as well as extension lessons to reinforce your new skills.
  • Can be done anytime, anywhere over an internet connection.
  • Easy to use with guided lessons telling you exactly what is required.
  • Suitable for beginners or experienced typists looking to increase their speed and accuracy.
  • Our Testing program is the only testing program that meets the Australian Standard AS2708-2001.


Students can realistically double or even triple their typing speed and accuracy within 10 days.

Testing to Australian Standards – Certification   AS2708-2001

In addition to the comprehensive Keyboard Online Programme –  students will also be provided with  1 timed typing Test to Australian Standard AS2708-2001 whereby students will obtain a Certificate.

The Certificate is a perfect addition to your CV, Portfolio or registration requirements.

Touch Typing Course Price


(includes 12 months access and 2 free typing test to Australian Standards with Certification).  Further tests can be purchased for $15.00 per unit.


$65.00 for 2 typing tests to Australian Standards in Audit conditions (certification suitable for LAW ENFORCEMENT and GOVERNMENT Job Applications).


This Unit is delivered Online. Our touch typing course is not theory based – it is ‘do’ based! Just as it should be…Enjoy this fantastic programme and skill-up for success!


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