Medical Career Goals: How do you define success?

To quote Bob Dylan,

“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do”.

But how do we actually achieve this and is it really possible?

Drawing from our 25 years experience in Medical HR, Coaching and Professional Development, we often find candidates have not given a lot of conscious thought into what career success really means to them and why. Is it the highly responsible, highly paid position that motivates you? Yet we know, there are plenty highly successful folk, in well paying roles, who hate their job!

In our experience, it is so important for candidates to dig deeper to help define career goals that align with their own personal attributes and values.

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You will never reach a goal unless you have a specific understanding of your values,  plan and a clear vision! As part of the Wesley program, we believe it is just as important to lean in to a student’s unique attributes, qualities and values to tap into a career path that will bring success and satisfaction.

Drawing from our rich experience in both Medical HR and Training, Wesley have developed a unique Professional Developing Coaching Program which explores your personal values, attributes and your personality fit – creating strong goals as the stepping stone towards a successful career.

Often candidates will look for a job that will suit their skills – but not necessarily a position that will fit in with their own value system of what is important and what motivates them. 

The biggest mistake students can make, is feeling they have no choice in their future career options.   This is not true.  With greater insight, research and goal setting, students are more likely to take control of their options and seek out specific roles and opportunities they know align with their values and goals – and this works.

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Did you know 85% of medical administrative jobs are never advertised?   All research points to this same statistic.  Too often students trail through Seek, hoping for opportunities, when in reality, this is the last place most people will find that great job.

Attitude is often more important than skills 

Did you also know that employers rate attitude and organisational fit as more important than skills? Yet most candidates don’t delve into their unique abilities and strengths in their applications.

Wesley Medical Careers and Professional Development Course is available to all Wesley students and is a powerful coaching tool for students to dig deep, understand their unique qualities better – and form a firm plan for success!

Wesley recommend their Cert III in Health Administration HLT 37315 to gain both the Qualifications and personal coaching required to fulfil your goal for a Career in Health Administration.  Wesley believe that understanding values, culture and goal setting, is just as important as skills and knowledge.

Learn more about the bespoke Wesley Qualification in Health Administration here: Certificate III Health Administration – NEW

What is Success?  (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

















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