Infection Control for Medical Practice

The Covid19 pandemic has highlighted the importance the capacity and understanding of the workforce to practice safe infection control procedures.

It is important for all health care workers to understand the importance of infection prevention and control and their individual contribution to preventing the spread of infection.

Infection control and prevention is so much more than hand washing procedures or cough etiquette  (as important as these are) and there is no more important time than now, for practices, all health care workers and those wanting to enter industry to be fully trained and aware of the following:

  • Principles of infection prevention and control
  • Risk management systems for infectious agents and infectious diseases
  • Understanding basic microbiology and multi-resistant organisms
  • Cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation routines
  • Infectious agent health screening and immunisation of healthcare workers
  • Outbreak investigation and management
  • Management of occupation exposure
  • Surveillance and quality improvement


Wesley Medical Infection Control: Studies and Curriculum

For more information on the Wesley program click here :  https://wesleytraining.edu.au/courses/infection-control/


Infection Control Policies and Procedures

Further to this general but thorough education,   it is essential that all workplaces have a renewed policies and procedures to ensure a safe workplace with proactive means for infection control, reducing and managing risk.

These may include:

  1.    Identifying infection transmission hazards
  2.    Assessing infection transmission hazards
  3.    Controlling infection transmission hazards
  4.    Safe handling, use and disposal of sharps
  5.    Environmental cleaning


Study for Job Readiness or Professional Development

Wesley Institute together with the Jobs and Skills Initiative, have developed a comprehensive Online Training Program, in Infection Control fully subsidised for all WA residents by the WA Government, and available to all Australian residents.   The online program is self-paced and concludes with an industry led ‘Prac Session’ face to face or via Zoom in a simulated workplace environment.

The skill set provides skills and knowledge to assist in protecting yourself and others in the community from infectious disease.

Students will understand how infections are spread, ways of preventing spread of infection and how to protect yourself and others from infection.

The skill set is becoming increasingly important for all Health Care Workers, and all workers are encouraged to upskill themselves today, whether you are becoming Job Ready for a Career in Health, or for your Professional Development in Industry.


Wesley’s Skill Set is Nationally Accredited and Recognised Australia wide and includes Department of Health certification.   RTO 50921

Enquire now:    info@wesleytraining.edu.au

Info-Brochure: Wesley Infection Control Info-Brochure V1.21

Enrol Online here:  https://wesleytraining.edu.au/courses/infection-control/


Gain these skills with the Government endorsed Infection Control Training Program. 

Nationally Accredited. Online.

  • Gain Industry Certification in Hand Hygiene
  • Gain Industry Certification in COVID19 Infection Control
  • Gain Industry Certification in Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilisation
  • Using personal protective equipment safely (practical session with complimentary PPE samples)
  • Understanding the chain of infection
  • Identify infection hazards and assess risks
  • How to prevent the spread and transmission of infection
  • Maintaining a clean work environment