Mental Health for Health Professionals – CrazySocks4Docs Day

‘Psychological PPE’ is as important as gloves and goggles

The COVID pandemic has amplified healthcare workers’ mental health concerns, making self-care more important than ever, says Founder of CrazySocks4Docs, Dr Geoff Toogood. 

During June 2021,  Wesley Institute will be donating a percentage of student fees to this worthy cause, which aims to remove the stigma and draw awareness to the mental health needs of Healthcare Professionals.   #crazysocks4docs   www.crazysocks4docs.com.au/

Australian healthcare professionals have taken to social media, showing off their crazy socks to support workplace wellbeing.

For the fifth consecutive year, Australian healthcare workers have stepped up and thrown their support behind CrazySocks4Docs day in an effort to address mental health stigma in the profession.

Founder Dr Geoff Toogood this week told newsGP the COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the need for healthcare workers to don their ‘psychological PPE’, and said the support of their mental health underpins a safe healthcare system.

‘More than ever before, we need to look after those that look after patients in Australia and around the world,’ he said.

‘Our themes this year are tackling stigma, creating a safe place for healthcare workers to seek help and a safe place to work, allowing time to recover and encouraging story telling for its power to break the stigma.’

‘While there are differences in the scale of mental health issues and the pandemic is causing extra stress and anxiety for many, everyone has the need for a “mental health toolkit”.

‘Social connectedness, exercise, adequate sleep, avoiding over-work, taking time out for favourite activities, meditation, a healthy diet, your own GP, and even a pair of brightly coloured odd socks can all help.

‘As healthcare providers, we do need to look after ourselves. We also need to know when our interventions are not working, and when we need to escalate our personal wellbeing plan to include our GP, a psychologist or a psychiatrist –  healthcare workers  should not be afraid to reach out for support if they need it.’

Wesley Institute incorporate training on mental health self-care and recognising signs of health care issues in patients in two Units of Competency :

  • Medical Triage for Non-Clinical Staff underpinned by BSBCUS301
  • HLTWHS001 Participate in workplace health and safety

For information on these Units,  via individual study or Corporate Professional Development Workshops – email info@wesleytraining.edu.au for more information.

Study available online or face to face for Corporates, hospitals and clinics.


How to donate

Wesley is donating to the Charity on behalf of all students during June 2021.

You can donate two ways:

  1. Head to the website to make a donation : https://www.crazysocks4docs.com.au/donations/donation-form/
  2. SOCK ME are donating $2 to this cause  for every pair of socks purchased through  June 2021! Simply visit Sock-me.com.au to buy your socks, knowing that you are helping Crazysocks4docs at the same time.