Getting Started

Once your enrolment is processed by our admissions consultant,  you will receive an invitation to join up to the Axcelerate LMS (Learning Portal).  You will have 7 days to accept the invitation. Be sure to check your SPAM folder. You will also receive a training booking confirmation from your Wesley admissions consultant with LOGIN instructions,  along with a comprehensive training plan.

You can LOGON to your LMS a variety of different ways.   The URL is:  https://wesleytraining.app.axcelerate.com/learner/

You will also find a link at the top of the Wesley website.


When you first LOGIN to your LMS, you will see a list of courses and/or workshops you are enrolled in.  To begin your studies, simply click on the Learning Plan and follow the order of your studies.

If you want to return to the HOMEPAGE, simply click on the Wesley Logo.


Your LOGIN to your LMS also gives you full access to your student records.  Please ensure all of your student details, USI, VET details and your emergency contact information are all completed.  You can access your student details via your INITIALS at the top right hand of the portal.

In this section, you also have access to your academic progress, invoicing/receipting records, student portfolio and more.  Why not add a photo?  Your trainers/assessors love to see their students as they support you.


Accessing your Assessments and results is easy!  Simply click on RESULTS on your Learning Plan Dashboard.


Your very first module at Wesley, is a simple orientation program including a delightful online tutorial, which will cover items such as:










  • How to access Wesley's mentor program
  • Accessing your training plan and setting study goals
  • Understanding activities and assessments
  • Tips and Tricks for successful online study
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Learn about the Pomodoro Technique

Setting aside an hour or so with a cup of coffee, to go over your orientation notes - will ensure a smooth studying experience for you.

If you need assistance - reach out to us at mentor@wesleytraining.edu.au



Learning Plans and Assessments

As you work through your Online Learning Plan, you will move through modules and complete the module, before moving on to the next.  This keeps your studies organised and structured.

Usually a Unit of Competency, will be represented by a Module.  At times, extra studies, such as Clinic to Cloud will be represented in a Module.




For most Units of Competency, you will be provided with:

  • Resources and study tips
  • A learner workbook
  • An online tutorial - mandatory study tool
  • Formative Activities
  • Summative Assessment

We recommend students review their learner material while reviewing the online tutorial for a full learning experience.   Your Online tutorial includes many resources, videos, activities and learning quizzes to enhance your learning experience.


During your formative and assessment process, Wesley utilise the following methods to create meaningful assessments:

  • Case Histories
  • Workplace Simulations
  • Questioning
  • Essay writing
  • Multiple Choice
  • Matching tests
  • Quizzes

Assessments operate on a competency-based model, focusing on demonstrating a level of competence across all activities and tasks rather than specific grading.  Multiple assessors may be involved throughout your course, each assigned to evaluate specific units.

Assessors carefully confirm that assessments reflect your own work. You have three attempts at each assessment, and your assessor will leave detailed feedback with respect to any assessment questions that need to be resubmitted.

There are two (2) outcomes of assessments: S = Satisfactory and NS = Not Satisfactory (requires more training and experience). Students will be awarded C = Competent on completion of the unit when the VET Teacher is satisfied that the student has completed all assessments and has provided the appropriate evidence required to meet all criteria. If the student fails to meet this requirement, he or she will receive the result NYC = Not Yet Competent and will be eligible to be re-assessed.





Not Yet Competent Marking: If your assessment receives a ‘Not Yet Competent’ mark, it will be sent back to your dashboard with comments from your trainer/assessor on the question/item that needs re-submitting.

This is a standard practice and provides you an opportunity to reflect and continue your learning in this particular area.  Take time to review the learner material and continue your study in this area.  You are able to clarify with your assessor on any areas you need, however, all resources are available in your learner material for review.  Resubmit and retake only the question that needs work. Endeavour to have your resubmission completed within 7 days or less.  Typically students are given 3 chances at resubmitting their work.

Accessing your Assessments and results is easy!  Simply click on RESULTS on your Learning Plan Dashboard.


Certificates are issued once you successfully finish your coursework and settle all outstanding fees.

You can expect to receive a Certificate or Statement of Attainment after we have conducted internal compliance checks and usually within 7 working days.

It is a policy requirement for the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to issue the certificate within 30 calendar days of the requirements being met.

Students can also see and print  a copy of their Academic Transcript in their Student Portal at any time.

Clinic to Cloud

Wesley is proud of engaging with 'real world tools', during our training process.  Learning key skills in computing, keyboarding and medical software is fundamental to all Wesley training.

Wesley is in Partnership with Clinic to Cloud to offer hands-on training to all of our students in a variety of applications.  Wesley has formulated a unique training program with supporting comprehensive learner material, online tutorials and LIVE Zoom tutorials.

Activities and real-world workplace simulated activities are utilised in Medical Account and Patient Records.


Watch the video below to see how a product like Clinic to Cloud can effect the productivity and patient service of a medical clinic.

LINK : Video - Clinic to Cloud Industry

Short course students (of the Medical Reception and Terminology course) - will gain access to Clinic to Cloud software early on in the enrolment process.

Qualification students, may receive the LOGIN to Clinic to Cloud after their first unit of competency.

You will receive an email from noreply@clinictocloud.com.au (check your junk/spam folder if you haven’t received it) with a temporary password.   It is important you check the spam folders, as we find the email does land here!

You have 7 days to set your new password, or the link may not work.   Your USERNAME will be your email address.

If you don’t receive the email or you run out of time, you can reset your password on the login page here: https://www.clinictocloud.com.au/Login and click on the ‘forgot password’ hyperlink.   Only complete this once - if you keep resetting the password, the system may error.

IMPORTANT HINT:   Re-type the temporary password into the new password box.  Copy and paste may not work properly and cause an ongoing error.

If you have an ongoing issue, please email enrolments@wesleytraining.edu.au for further assistance.



You will be provided with a comprehensive Online Tutorial to learn how to use Clinic to Cloud Software.

We also provide access to a variety of short-hits-of training in a variety of applications for top-up-training.

If you enjoy 'live' instruction - be sure to enrol in one of Wesley's F2F One Day Intensives or Live ZOOM tutorials.



You will be asked to complete three activities using Clinic to Cloud Software all of which show evidence that you are able to perform actions such as:

  • Create an invoice
  • Create a receipt
  • Enter student data
  • Understanding a fee scale

Utilising real world software is an outstanding opportunity for most students to gain valuable experience in the skills that employers love.


On occasion, you may need to reset your password.

If you need further assistance, you can refer to the help guide HERE