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Welcome to Student Support

At Wesley Institute, we understand the distinct challenges associated with studying online, which is why we provide a comprehensive support network tailored to assist you in excelling in your academic pursuits.

Our Mentors
Our committed team of Student Support Consultants and Mentors serve as your primary resource for addressing any enquiries, or roadblocks you may face.  Our team can be reached promptly in a variety of ways, including our student discussion board.

Proactive Support to Keep You on Track
At Wesley, we’re strong advocates for nipping issues in the bud. That’s why our Support Team take a proactive approach, reaching out to offer guidance and support before any potential setbacks occur.  We’re committed to helping you maintain organisation by encouraging you to set goals, effectively manage your time, and conquer any challenges that come your way.

Customised Learning Approaches
Although Wesley has a tried and true training plan and pathway, we understand sometimes life gets in the way.  We are here to reset your goals, and help you plan a routine to achieve your goals.

Clear and Supportive Assessment Feedback
Our team of assessors are also caring and engaged mentors. They’re content experts dedicated to offering clear and helpful feedback on your assessments. They’ll assist and guide you to achieve success in your studies.

Your Success, is Our Success
We believe in the power of proactive support and are committed to providing you with the resources and guidance you need to thrive in your studies.  We offer a dedicated team of professional mentors who offer valuable guidance, encouragement and advice.  From enrolment to graduation, we’re here for you every step of the way, offering a variety of support options to ensure your success.


Accessing Student Support Services

Find information that assists you with completing your combined learning or online course and accessing LMS assistance.

Help includes:

  • What is the Student Portal?
  • How do I log into the Learning Management System?
  • How do I move around the Learning Management System?
  • How do I complete an assessment and how is marked?
  • Login guidance
  • Clinic to Cloud access and instructions
  • Online learning tools
  • Microsoft help tools
  • When are Certificates issued?
  • How to access my student details
  • How to contact us
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We’re committed to ensuring you have a positive online learning experience, that’s why we have a student support program that fits your needs. You will find the below information included:

  • The help you need, when you need it
  • Tips on how to get organised - setting up a home study nook
  • Setting goals and motivation
  • Study assistance that suits you
  • How to access the student support
  • Online Tips and Tricks for success
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Wesley offer support for your health and wellness, as well as a range of services and resources for those who may need extra assistance.

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Make a 15 minute appointment with a Training and Careers Consultant for advice or onboarding

Click here to make an appointment with a Wesley Training and Careers Consultant for advice or onboarding 

Find all of the forms you may need to ask for an extension,  request a credit transfer or RPL,  learn about the withdrawal process and more.

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our Testimonials

“The assistance from Trainers and the course content was of a very high standard. The course has more than met my expectations and I feel I am armed with an abundance of knowledge and good work practices to help me gain employment in the Industry. The course itself has been extremely enjoyable and interesting on so many levels. I will be disappointed when the course concludes in 2 weeks.

I cannot fault the training in any way, and would not be able to suggest any areas that require improvement. It is well run, professional, friendly and extremely informative. I really look forward to my Saturday workshops and I am already recommending Wesley Health Medical Courses to friends and family”.     Alison went on to gain employment 2 weeks after finishing the Wesley course.

- Alison

I have employed staff from the Wesley Institute of Training previously and have found their comprehension over and above staff doing other courses.  I again needed to add to our reception pool and within hours of a phone enquiry I was sent outstanding resumes from applicants that had excelled in the Wesley course.  What I have found is the applicant is motivated and willing to learn.  The material Wesley teach has a real basis and exactly what we need in general practice.

I can recommend the course for anyone wanting to get a leg up on other applicants applying for positions.  We look for new staff who have completed the Wesley training.  Well done Wesley and thank you for the excellent staff you have sent.

Sue Rendle PM, Manly Clinic

- Practice Manager Sue

I started this course in February and completed it in March. I loved the fact that I could still work my part time retail job while studying.  I believe this course is what gave me the complete package to be able to obtain my employment.    I really appreciate all the knowledge and memories I have gained from this course and could not recommend it highly enough.   Thankyou Wesley Institute of Training for helping me achieve my goals.

- Grace

The course was fantastic with a great mixture of theory, group discussions and practical delivery. The trainers were amazing- especially Neala who made it super fun with her relevant life stories and was always there to help when someone needed it. Her knowledge and passion for the health sector did not go unnoticed.

The information Wesley’s has produced for this course was presented so well and made for easy and stress free learning. I actually still read through my booklets to this day. I was extremely fortunate that I was able to gain employment as a medical receptionist a day before I completed the course.

- Tiffany

The Wesley course ran over 5 days, so it was short-  however PACKED with information. I found the course very enjoyable and easy to learn; the trainer was lovely, and related the course material to real life situations.  The humour and engagement made for an easier and relaxed learning environment.  The Wesley course definitely helped me in securing my position as a Medical Receptionist; I found that at each interview I went to they would mention the course favourably.

- Belinda

I want to say a huge thank you for the course and knowledge I came away with  .. I have secured a fantastic job after my first application

Such good value for money too.  I would highly recommend this course – I’m a mature age person so it’s never too late to up-skill yourself up to get what you deserve!

- Ann Scott

I have just completed my 6 month probation period at Ashford Hospital and loving it. It was my first medical job I applied for literally 1-2 weeks after I finished the course.  Thanks to you, Mimi, and all the other teachers and staff at Wesley Health Management.

- Kelly

The training I received was the best training experience by far.   I got a job 2 months after completing this course as a receptionist at a Neuro-Physiotherapy practice. I have been with the practice little over a year and I am now the practice administrator.   I love my job, I love the people I work with and I love going to work every day!

- Alex