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Student Handbook
Wesley have provided a comprehensive Student Handbook for students to understand how Wesley operates, the support services we offer, Wesley responsibilities and student responsibilities.   All students agree to have read the Student Handbook before enrolling in any Wesley courses.
Access the Wesley Student Handbook HERE
Student Support Services
Wesley understand that students may need support during their studies.  Wesley provides a free and confidential support service where our lead mentor will provide a listening ear and solutions to your area of concerns or difficulty in a confidential and empathetic manner, to all our enrolled students Australia wide.
Our support service is available to assist you with any issue that affects your studies.  Our mentors will listen to your concerns and assist in exploring options and solutions that suit your needs.   Our student support service provides a safe, and private place for students to access the assistance they need.
For students who have any type of disability, you are welcome to disclose as much or as little as you feel comfortable with – but we will always ask you if there is anything we can or modify to support your individual circumstance through the study program.   Many of our trainers/mentors also hold nursing and mental health qualifications, offering professional support to our students.
For more information about our support services, click  HERE




Assessment Tools for Wesley Medical Administration Course


RACGP Records: Download here


Report Examples
Introductory Memo

Introductory Memo to Participating Practice Managers on Behalf of Wesley Health Management – Download here

OH&S Material Safety Data Sheet: Download here

Student Research – Medical Law: Download Here



Assessments are conducted via assignments, classroom discussion, and role plays. Written Assignments must be handed in on time for assessment by your trainer for certification to be issued for the face-to-face units. Online units utilise the Wesley Assessment Portal with due dates being clearly set for students.

Learners must demonstrate that they can perform consistently to a defined standard and in a variety of contexts. Therefore, it is inevitable that the demonstration of critical knowledge and skills will need to be tested more than once, in a range of situations and using a variety of methods that are faithful to the performance in the real world of work. Attendance at all training sessions is compulsory.

Access and Equity

Wesley Institute training is open to all students regardless of sex, race, impairment, or any other discriminatory factor in accordance with legislative requirements, and subject to their having obtained prerequisite skills. The access and equity officer, Managing Director, or Managing Director’s representative, is responsible for access and equity as a nominated part of their duties.

Wesley Training is committed to providing opportunities to all people regardless of their background. To assist in identifying any special learning needs, we ask that all students provide us with information regarding any special learning needs in your enrolment form, prior to the start of your training.  If you do have any learning difficulties you are encouraged to discuss these with your Wesley mentor prior to course commencement or during the course induction.  Students requiring special assistance are welcome in our classes but should note that they are responsible for providing any unique specialist support such as the provision of interpreters or additional equipment at their own cost.

Download Wesley’s Access and Equity Policy here

Cheating and Assessment Malpractice

Assessment malpractice includes: cheating, collusion and plagiarism.

Wesley Institute of Training regards the integrity of assessment as critical to its professional responsibilities as an RTO and therefore strives to ensure the assessment processes are not compromised.

Cheating means to dishonestly present an assessment task or assessment activity as genuinely representing your own understanding of and/or ability in the subject concerned.  Some examples of cheating are submitting someone else’s work as your own; submitting another author’s work without proper acknowledgement of the author; or allowing someone else to submit your work as theirs.  If evidence of cheating is established, you will be contacted and advised of the concerns with your submitted work and you will have an opportunity to respond to any allegations of cheating.  If it is established that you have engaged in cheating you will either be given a formal warning and asked to attend a re-assessment session (for which an additional assessment fee applies) or, if deemed a sufficiently serious breach, your enrolment will be terminated, for which all fees paid are forfeit and non-refundable.

Codes of Conduct

Wesley Institute in corporate strict codes of conduct into all of their operations. These include :-

  • All students will be treated with courtesy, respect and dignity. Staff and students will act in an ethical and professional manner at all times.
  • Students are entitled to protection of their privacy in accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988. Personal information will not be disclosed to a third party without written consent. This includes personal data, academic progress and personal details. Only authorised Wesley staff have access to personal information in order to carry out its responsibilities in the best interests of its students.
  • Wesley Health adopts policies and management practices which maintain high professional standards in the delivery of vocational education and training services.
  • Wesley Health will maintain a learning environment which is conducive to the success of its students, using appropriate learning resources and methods
  • Wesley provide a safe and healthy training environment for all staff and students.

Student Conduct and Disciplinary Action

  • Students must act appropriately. Examples of inappropriate behaviour include threats, insults or abuse; derogatory comments; offensive or obscene language; aggressive behaviour such as yelling; and any activity that disrupts the trainer’s management of the class or disrupts other students’ learning. This may also extend to the use of inappropriate language in emails, messages and voicemails.
  • Students must not engage in discriminatory conduct. Discrimination is when a student treats another person less favourably than another because of gender, age, race, religion, marital status, disability, nationality, ethnicity, or national origin.
  • Students must not engage in harassment. Harassment is when a student engages in behaviour that is unwelcome or which offends, humiliates or intimidates. Examples of harassment include continued interruptions of a trainer;  threats of public humiliation to administrators for unreasonable demands outside our policies and procedures, racist comments or jokes; spreading rumours; comments or jokes about a person’s disability, pregnancy, sexuality, age religion;   threats,  insults or abuse;  or offensive or obscene language.
  • Students must not engage in rude or disrespectful communication via email, phone calls and SMS to staff or students.

Depending on the nature of the CONDUCT, our staff may either (1) give a student a warning for any breach of these standards and any repeat of the breach constitutes grounds for terminating the student’s enrolment, for which all fees paid are forfeited and non-refundable, or (2) if we deem the breach sufficiently serious we may immediately terminate the student’s enrolment.

Refund and Transfer Policy

A student or client requesting a refund must download, complete and submit our enrolment  refund request form. The following refund policy applies to all courses and products but is subject to any changes documented in the individual course webpage in which case the policy detailed in the course webpage takes precedence:

A. Refund policy – online and blended learning courses: You must read the course page, course brochures and/or student enrolment guides to ensure that you purchase the correct online course suitable to your situation.  No refund is available to students and clients who have paid for online training once the course has been made available.

B. Refund policy – workshops:   An initial non-refundable administration fee of $200 as part of your student fees (as specified in our fee schedule page) applies to face to face classes, payable before course commencement.   A full refund of the course fee will be given if we receive the refund request at least two weeks before the start of the class. A 50% refund of the course fee will be given if we receive the refund request less than two weeks before the start of the class. No refund will be granted after a class has started, unless the course is cancelled by us. However, if we cancel a course in which you have enrolled, a full refund of all fees paid (including the administrative fee) will be approved. Allow up to four weeks for all refund requests to be processed.

C. Refund policy – zipMoney purchases: A refund of 75% of the total fee paid will be given if we receive the refund request before the start of the course or before your online learner material has been released. No refund will be granted after a course has started, unless the course is cancelled by us. However, if we cancel a course in which you have enrolled, a full refund of all fees paid (including the administrative fee) will be approved. Once training has commenced in the course, no refund is available to participants who leave before finalising the course. Please note that refunds are processed directly back to your zipMoney account. Please allow up to four weeks for all refund requests to be processed.

D. Refund policy – RPL kits: We will refund the price of your purchased RPL kit if we are unable to complete the RPL process, subject to the following:

  • You must have downloaded, completed and submitted the associated RPL pre-assessment kit, and we must have confirmed your eligibility to undertake the RPL process via our RPL pre-assessment kit. You must have truthfully answered all of the questions in the RPL pre-assessment kit and believe you have the suitable access to evidence required.
  • You must provide all requested additional evidence that is available to support the RPL assessment. This evidence includes questionnaires, verbal discussions with us, provision of written evidence or testimony, etc.  A refund will be provided only if you are genuinely unable to provide suitable evidence to complete the RPL process.
  • Refund claims must be made by email to enrolments@wesleytraining.edu.au stating why you cannot supply the required evidence to satisfy the RPL process.
    Refund claims are restricted to a period within three months from the original purchase date.
  • Claims will be refunded in the same manner in which the product was originally purchased.
  • Allow up to 2 weeks for refunds to be processed.

E. Services not provided: If Wesley Training is unable to fulfil its service agreement with a student, Wesley Training will issue a full refund for any services not provided. The basis for determining “services not provided” is to be based on the units of competency attended by the student and which can be issued in a statement of attainment at the time the service is terminated.

F. Class transfers: If you are booked into a planned workshop and wish to change to another scheduled class the following transfer fees are applicable:

  • Transfers requested more than 5 days ahead of class or session commencement incur no fee.
  • Workshop transfers requested within 5 days of a class or session commencement incur a transfer fee of $45
  • DNA (did not attend) students are required to pay a transfer fee of $45

Complaints and Appeals Procedure

Wesley Institute has a formal process for student complaints, grievances and appeals.

Please utilise this Appeals and Complaints FORM to forward your written complaint to Head office.

Students with a grievance should initially approach their trainer or to a Head Office Consultant to express their concern. The trainer or consultant will endeavour to resolve the concern. If unresolved, the student should forward their complaint in writing to the Operations Manager or Director within five (5) working days. The concern will then be assessed by the Director who will endeavour to resolve the concern within ten (10) days of receipt of the complaint. The CEO undertakes to keep a register of complaints with methods and outcomes of resolution.


Students are encouraged, at all times, to liaise directly with their trainer or assessor regarding their assessment result in order to promote a favourable outcome.

If, however, you have decided to appeal against a final assessment result, you can consult the faculty management staff at Wesley Training via mentor@wesleytraining.edeu.au who will advise you of the formal process of appeal, if this unit are unable to resolve your concerns.

Details of the process are also fully documented in the organisation’s complaints and appeals policy and procedure section available below.  All formal appeals must be submitted in writing. The appeal handling process will commence within ten days of receipt of the written appeal.


If students are unhappy with any aspect of their course they should first try to resolve the issue with the staff member concerned. If they are unable to or not comfortable doing so students have the right to submit an Appeal or Complaint in writing within 10 days.

Wesley Institute of Training will conduct an investigation, assess the situation and take appropriate action. Students will be notified in writing of the outcome of any complaints within 10 business days.

Wesley Institute of Training supports the rights of a student to lodge a grievance or complaint and will not impair that right in any way. Wesley Institute of Training will do everything possible to address all grievances or complaints in an unbiased and professional manner.

An Appeals and Complaint Form can be found on our Website under Student Services. All complaints must be issued in writing.

Download Wesley’s Complaints and Appeals Policy Here

Continuous Feedback and Student Feedback

Wesley is dedicated to improving the quality of our training courses. Towards the end of the course you will be asked to complete a customer satisfaction survey. Your feedback is invaluable and this information assists us in maintaining a high standard of training and to facilitate improvements to the quality of our services.

Course Times and Fees

The medical reception and terminology course is run over 4 consecutive Saturdays from 9.00 to 4.00 pm. Attendance to all parts of the course curriculum is compulsory. Should you be unable to attend one of the sessions; please contact head office on (08) 9470 2000 for a transfer to the next available session. Transfer and Cancellations policy is available under Cancellation Policies.

Details of fees are available on the enrolment form, website and letter of enquiry. All course costs must be paid in full by the first day of the course. All credit card bookings are for the full course fee and are paid in advance of the first day of the course.

Certificate III students will attend the medical reception and terminology course, and also have online units opened to them as they progress through their training plan. Wesley offer interest-free payment plans and subsidies to Cert III students.

Disciplinary Policy

Wesley seeks to address breaches of the expected standards of behaviour tolerated by society in which this organisation operates its training for the comfort and safety of students and staff alike. Students and staff are expected to behave in an appropriate manner towards each other and to respect the property of Wesley Institute. Disruptions, discriminatory behaviour, harassment of students or staff will not be tolerated, and will be brought to the attention of the facilitator or if the behaviour persists, the CEO will be informed of the situation for follow up and action.

Guarantee Policy

Wesley Health provide a guarantee to students completing the course content and not having attained competency.

If students have attended all sessions, completed all formative activities and assessments in a timely manner, and still not attained competency, Wesley Institute will allow the student to repeat the training and attendance at a further course at no charge.

Should a student not have attended sessions or completed assessments on time, then the usual administrative charges will apply.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills

Wesley Institute is committed to helping participants who have difficulties with Language, Literacy and Numeracy.

Consultation is available upon request to a staff member.

LLN tests are mandatory for Cert III students, and for students where English is a second language and where pre-requisites of Year 10 English and Maths is unclear.

  1. Language, Literacy and Numeracy: Our assessment material contains written documentation and may contain a requirement for numerical calculations.  We recognise that not all people are able to read, write and perform calculations to the same standards. When a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) issue is identified, an LLN assessment will be provided to you. This may be in the form of verbal or written questioning.  We will endeavour to provide assistance if you are having difficulty with language, literacy or numeracy to accommodate your needs, however it is reminded that our course has a pre-requisite for a year 10 standard of English and numeracy. In the event that your needs exceed the ability of our staff to assist, you will be referred to an external support agency so that you have the opportunity to obtain the skills required to complete the assessment services, however any external support agency services would be at your cost.  External support agencies will usually be those listed on www.training.gov.au as having scope to deliver the Foundation Skills Training Package qualifications or similar accredited courses.

LLN testing is mandatory for all Funded Qualification students.

  1. Cost for additional support: If this support attracts an additional cost to you, we will make this clear during our pre-enrolment interview.  For example, additional costs may be incurred in the following areas:
  • External LLN support services;
  • Translator services.

If further assistance is required, a student may be referred to a specialist from the following providers :-

Centrelink – 13 10 21
Centrelink Online: http://www.centrelink.gov.au/
Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations – Nation Wide Assistance and Programs
National Providers: http://www.deewr.gov.au/


Wesley Institute is subject to a variety of legislation related to training and assessment as well as general business practices. This legislation includes:

  • Vocational Education and Training Act 1996
  • Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984
  • Workplace Relations Act 1996
  • Security and Other related Activities Act 1996
  • Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1986
  • Human Rights (Sexual Conduct) Act 1994
  • Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Act 1999
  • Sex Discrimination Act 1994
  • Disability Discrimination Act 1992
  • Racial Discrimination Act 1975
  • Privacy Act 1988
  • Copyright Act 1968
  • Copyright Amendment (Digital Agenda) Act 2000

Mutual Recognition

Wesley Institute recognises any qualification or certification issued by registered training organisations, including Statements of Attainment, and any accredited courses that are nationally recognised and listed on the National Training Information Service.

Download Wesley Health Mutual Recognition Policy here

Issuing of Qualifications and Statement of Attainments and Penalties

Students must fulfil the required outcomes of their unit of competency to receive certification. It is the student’s responsibility to inform Wesley of any  due dates that are an issue;  for our team to re-organise a suitable due date to complete educational and assessment obligations. Student who meet the outcomes requirement are issued with Statements of Attainment or Qualification in accordance with the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF).     There is a reissuing fee of $45.00 to cover administration costs for re-issuing of certification.    SOA’s and Qualifications are sent via Australia Post standard mail and are not available via email, although we are able to send an Academic record by email on request.   Please notify the office of any change in address prior to the completion of your course or notify the office if you believe your Certification did not arrive due to postal loss.    (These events are rare; and Wesley will reissue at no charge within 45 days of completion of course, if we are notified).

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) – Wesley’s Free RPL Eligibility Kit

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process where a student may be granted credit or partial credit towards a qualification in recognition of skills and knowledge gained through work experience, life experience and/or formal training.    You can complete Wesley’s free RPL kit to ascertain whether you are eligible for RPL in Units of Competency with respect to Cert III or IV in Health or Business Administration.



Privacy Policy

Wesley Institute is committed to protecting and maintain the privacy, accuracy and security of your personal and health information and complies with the Colleges Privacy policies.

  1. To provide training and assessment services Wesley Institute of Training must collect personal information from staff and clients. This information is required to be reported to ASQA under the requirements of the Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standards (AVETMISS).

Information collected includes:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact details (telephone)
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Country of birth
  • Language spoken at home
  • Level of English spoken
  • Disability information
  • Highest secondary schooling completed
  • Other qualifications completed
  • Current employment status
  • Indigenous Status

Wesley Institute of Training use the information collected for the purpose disclosed at the time of collection or otherwise as set out in this Privacy Policy. We will not use your personal information for any other purpose without first seeking your consent, unless authorised or required by law. Generally, Wesley Institute of Training will only use and disclose your personal information:

  1. To establish and maintain your relationship as a customer of Wesley Institute of Training
  2. To provide the products and services you have requested from Wesley Institute of Training
  3. To administer and manage those products and services
  4. Report to registering bodies in relation to training services provided

Special Needs

Participants in any Wesley course with special needs are to inform Wesley Institute prior to commencement of any training course in order to assess participant requirements. Wesley will endeavour to meet these needs and offer support and assistance.

Student Responsibilities

As a participant in any Wesley training program you will be encouraged and expected to participate fully in the training and assessment process. You will have group and individual activities and assignments which need to be completed. Students are expected to ask questions if they do not understand some aspect of the content being covered. The sessions are interactive and meant for active participation. Participation in role plays and discussion is strongly encouraged. You will receive a curriculum. Every effort is required to follow the curriculum and it’s requirements for a successful outcome.

Student Selection & Enrolment Procedure

All students are welcome to participate in a Wesley course. Pre-requisite : basic numeracy, literacy to Year 10 standard, basic keyboard skills, a computer, good internet and printer.   Wesley is also able to assist with keyboard development.

Student Support, Welfare and Guidance

Wesley Institute is committed to assisting students to persist and achieve in their academic endeavours and succeed in their career ambition. Wesley considers that welfare and support services are important sources of easing students into study life, helping them adjust to their new living environment and enabling them to achieve their academic goal.

Key policy shortcuts (please refer to your Student Handbook for full information)

WA Traineeship Fees and Charges Policy

This Policy refers to WA Traineeships under the WA Department of Training and Workforce Development and trainees or employers.

Download here

Student Handbook

Student Handbook V2.21

Certificate III Guarantee Fact Sheet

Download here

Codes of Conduct

our Testimonials

“The assistance from Trainers and the course content was of a very high standard. The course has more than met my expectations and I feel I am armed with an abundance of knowledge and good work practices to help me gain employment in the Industry. The course itself has been extremely enjoyable and interesting on so many levels. I will be disappointed when the course concludes in 2 weeks.

I cannot fault the training in any way, and would not be able to suggest any areas that require improvement. It is well run, professional, friendly and extremely informative. I really look forward to my Saturday workshops and I am already recommending Wesley Health Medical Courses to friends and family”.     Alison went on to gain employment 2 weeks after finishing the Wesley course.

- Alison

I have employed staff from the Wesley Institute of Training previously and have found their comprehension over and above staff doing other courses.  I again needed to add to our reception pool and within hours of a phone enquiry I was sent outstanding resumes from applicants that had excelled in the Wesley course.  What I have found is the applicant is motivated and willing to learn.  The material Wesley teach has a real basis and exactly what we need in general practice.

I can recommend the course for anyone wanting to get a leg up on other applicants applying for positions.  We look for new staff who have completed the Wesley training.  Well done Wesley and thank you for the excellent staff you have sent.

Sue Rendle PM, Manly Clinic

- Practice Manager Sue

I started this course in February and completed it in March. I loved the fact that I could still work my part time retail job while studying.  I believe this course is what gave me the complete package to be able to obtain my employment.    I really appreciate all the knowledge and memories I have gained from this course and could not recommend it highly enough.   Thankyou Wesley Institute of Training for helping me achieve my goals.

- Grace

The course was fantastic with a great mixture of theory, group discussions and practical delivery. The trainers were amazing- especially Neala who made it super fun with her relevant life stories and was always there to help when someone needed it. Her knowledge and passion for the health sector did not go unnoticed.

The information Wesley’s has produced for this course was presented so well and made for easy and stress free learning. I actually still read through my booklets to this day. I was extremely fortunate that I was able to gain employment as a medical receptionist a day before I completed the course.

- Tiffany

The Wesley course ran over 5 days, so it was short-  however PACKED with information. I found the course very enjoyable and easy to learn; the trainer was lovely, and related the course material to real life situations.  The humour and engagement made for an easier and relaxed learning environment.  The Wesley course definitely helped me in securing my position as a Medical Receptionist; I found that at each interview I went to they would mention the course favourably.

- Belinda

I want to say a huge thank you for the course and knowledge I came away with  .. I have secured a fantastic job after my first application

Such good value for money too.  I would highly recommend this course – I’m a mature age person so it’s never too late to up-skill yourself up to get what you deserve!

- Ann Scott

I have just completed my 6 month probation period at Ashford Hospital and loving it. It was my first medical job I applied for literally 1-2 weeks after I finished the course.  Thanks to you, Mimi, and all the other teachers and staff at Wesley Health Management.

- Kelly

The training I received was the best training experience by far.   I got a job 2 months after completing this course as a receptionist at a Neuro-Physiotherapy practice. I have been with the practice little over a year and I am now the practice administrator.   I love my job, I love the people I work with and I love going to work every day!

- Alex