Tips for Success with Online Learning

There is no doubt that Online Learning has revolutionised the way students, and in particular, adult learners  are able to study.   With the advances of technology, there are now wonderful LMS’ (Learning Management Systems) available to house interesting learner resources, tools, quizzes and assignments; allowing students to study anywhere, anytime.

The advantages of this type of flexible study arrangement is obvious to most busy people. An online course allows you to set your own study schedule,  work at your own pace  and learn from the comfort of your favorite space.  There is a caveat to this success however.  Isn’t there always!

It’s this:    If you want to learn to study online, you have to set boundaries, limits, and goals for yourself. There is no-one to wrap you over the knuckles if you don’t achieve your objectives – you are solely responsible for your efforts and outcomes!

With a bit of mindfulness, and planning however, students can achieve great success while juggling a busy lifestyle.

You can use these online study tips to prepare yourself for self-directed learning :



1.  Get organised for online learning

Organisation is key to successful online learning. Creating a study plan will help you meet deadlines and work around your existing commitments and responsibilities.   DON’T simply wait until you ‘feel like it’.

“Create a calendar which includes all your deadlines and important course dates,” suggests Catherine Olsen, a psychologist at BritStudent and Australia2Write. “Then create a realistic weekly schedule that you can stick to. Make sure you factor in some extra time for any unexpected delays. Setting yourself time limits can help make study sessions less daunting and more manageable. Equally, to-do lists can be a great way to help you to become more efficient and stay on top of your tasks.”



2.  Check all technical requirements learning online

Make sure that you are aware of all the technical requirements before committing to starting an online course, including any specific software or equipment that you may need.  Make sure your internet is good and everything is in working order.   Decide if you like reviewing your learner material ‘online’ or preferred to have study notes ‘printed’ before you begin your study.



3.  Create a peaceful and dedicated online learning study place

Make sure you have a dedicated, light filled and comfortable place to study with good internet.  Get organised with the tools you need to study.   Consider alternative places with internet on occasions – like coffee shops, libraries or internet cafes.



4.    Participate in Online Discussions and Zoom iTutorials

Online learning doesn’t have to be—and shouldn’t be—a solitary experience. Take opportunities to engage with fellow learners during online discussions or group activities. Remember to be courteous and mindful of your tone when communicating online. Avoid using sarcasm and write in clear, full sentences to avoid misunderstandings. These engagements can help you get the most out of your course. Swapping contact information with other learners can help you develop a personal learning network that persists beyond the current course.

At Wesley, we still believe human contact and engagement is super important for the most learners.  Besides a mentor service to coach and guide you, take advantage of the LIVE iTutorials available via Zoom and led by Industry Experts.   This is a great opportunity to join a short workshop which covers the basics of the study as well as joining in group discussions with fellow students from around Australia.  Who knows – you may even meet a study buddy to connect with.  



5.   Schedule regular study breaks


Taking study breaks will help you concentrate on your learning. Engaging in some gentle physical activity, such as going for a walk outdoors, or pottering around your home doing something more physical;  can help you to feel reenergised and return to your studies with more energy and focus. Try to take a break away from your study space and, if possible, avoid looking at screens during these breaks.   Research the fabulous Pomodoro Technique (there are some great YouTube video’s)!  Wesley highly  recommend this method of short bits of focussed study with small timed breaks.



6.  Use your School’s Training Plan which should act as  your guide and checklist.

Your Plan will guide you which order to study your Units in and what is covered.  If there are live iTutorials available – it will also let you know.  This is a great tool to begin planning your learning journey and to keep on track!



7. Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself with something you enjoy doing can be a good way to keep yourself motivated. Whenever you reach a set milestone or accomplish what you had planned for a particular study session, reward yourself with something positive. By training your brain to recognise that learning will lead to positive rewards, you will be more motivated to keep going and will enjoy your studying and all the successes along the way much more.


Combined Learning – Wesley’s Unique Online Learning Model

Wesley utilise what is known as Combined Learning.  That is students are offered all of the advantages of Online Self-Paced learning but with added benefit of scheduled LIVE iTutorials led by industry experts – but only if you want to as there is also tutorials to view in your Learner Portal.

The live iTutorials are very popular with students as they are able to get the best of both worlds – and enjoy ‘real engagement’ with students and their mentors.


Check out the suite of Training Programs Wesley offer HERE


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