Why values are so important, and skills are not enough

Many people don’t give a lot of thought to their specific core values, but did you know that Career happiness is directly linked to your values!

Everyone has their own individual idea about what success really means. What success means to you will depend on what you think is important and worth striving for. Our ideas about what really matters are called our ‘values’ and will very much influence, drive and guide us in all avenues of our life.

Often candidates will look for a job that will suit their skills – but not necessarily a position that will fit in with their own value system of what is important and what motivates them. If you can understand your own set of values and motivators more specifically, it will greatly assist you define your career choices more clearly and take more ownership in your life decisions.

People find it very difficult to consistently act in ways that go against their values, and they do best when they find an occupation that is compatible with what they believe to be important. Further, understand your values better allows you to describe these and your attributes more clearly to future employers. Studies show employers are highly motivated in finding folk who fit the position and company beyond skills.

Given self-awareness is so critical to understanding your motivators and core values,  it is very common for people to have little understanding or clarity when it comes to these concepts including their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses.

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Remember, a job that doesn’t align with your values is not going to make you feel happy or successful – no matter how much money you earn.

Your personal values should align with the organisation you work for

Shared values lead to better relationships and higher performance and productivity, while a mismatch can make it difficult for employees to work together towards common goals, negatively affecting morale, creativity, output and job satisfaction.

For this reason, most employers actively seek to employ people who share the organisation’s values and will be a ‘good fit’.  This can often be as, or even more important, than skills.

Being aware of your own values is the first step in being able to recognise and appreciate the values of others.

Wesley institute have developed a unique and inspiring professional development Unit of Competency or workshop,  ‘Develop Self Awareness and Self Leadership’ 

This engaging course probes the student to consider aspects of self-awareness, values, strengths and weaknesses to develop their self-leadership.

During the course you will examine thoughtful subjects such as :

  • The impact of values and attitudes on the workplace
  • Knowing who you are – values
  • The difference between values and attitude and why it matters
  • Your Locus of Control
  • Why adability and flexibility are so important to achieving organisational goals
  • Resilience and commitment    
  • Why self-awareness is the beginning and heart of personal and professional growth
  • Build a self-awareness action plan
  • Develop real tools for self-leadership and developing your key strengths and weaknesses


This course can be undertaken as a stand alone course or taken as a part of Wesley’s Certificate III in Health Administration.

Self-awareness is at the core of personal and professional development. Without self-awareness – there is no growth!

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